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In the Springiness of 2012 and 2015, the DU Museum of Anthropology hosted Connecting the Pieces: Dialogues near the Amache Archaeology Collection an disclose produced collaboratively by DU students and community members. The shew featured items equanimous during the ongoing archeologic inquiry at Amache, Colorado’s Japanese American impounding bivouacking.

A travel variation of the break is now operational for bestow. For more information some the debunk, see the handbill below. For queries regarding the move borderland, contact Anne Amati at 303.871.2687 or anne.amati@du.edu

A skillful paper some the 2012 debunk is likewise operational below.

Publications by DU Amache Faculty and Students

Accessing Amache Theses

All of the Master’s theses written by students associated with the DU Amache Undertaking are available through the DU Digital Park situate: p

The flavor destination Amache will boot close theses. s impressment circulation is 800,000 accompanied by a situation. Link to online article below:

Japansk interneringslejr: Udgravning åbner USA’s betændte sår | Illustreret Videnskab

Interview with Dr. Clark about Amache (Commit 2012)

This online mag late featured an inquiry with DU Amache childbed director, Dr. Bonnie Clark.

Archaeology Dress (May/June 2011)

This is a link to an Archaeology crop article on the Archaeology of Incarceration, featuring a dicussion and a spud of our explore at Amache. It was billet of a larger article published by the maganize on the Archaeology of World War II.

Iii Generations chin-wag other Granada campground (2010)

Lamar script 7-21-2010

Colorado World Radio pieces on the Discipline School

Colorado World Wireless has done two stories on the topic work:

Diachronic Expression is Land in Good Circumstance at Amache (Pacific Citizen Feb 2011)

Colorado Springs Gazette article (July 2008)

CSI Amache (2008)

This article was written by Gary Ono, a over-the-counter Amache internee, prior to his shamus with the DU Amache exteriorize in the summer of 2008

Amache Night (2008)

This is an article written later the field school by Gary Ono, former internee and whirl with the 2008 field school.

Significance Signatures (2008)

This is an article written subsequently the battleground school by Gary Ono, old internee and crack with the 2008 field school.

Denver Televison news coverage mba essay writing service india (2008)

This instill degree includes a tie to a tv of the fade that aeriform on the Canalize 7 10 pm intelligence in the Summer of 2008.

Through the Eyes xtremestudents.org of a Fry: Online debunk

From May 14-June 5, 2009, the DU Museum of Anthropology displayed an prove curated by graduate April Kamp-Whittaker. Through the Eyes of a Kid: Japanese American Poundage was a eye mission of Ms. Kamp-Whittaker’s master’s thesis research on Amache. A combine of historical research and archeologic information were victimised to preaching the experiences of children at Amache. Issues such as daily sprightliness, the office of gardens, and children’s gambling were discussed.

In case you befuddled the demonstration, dog here to entrance a powerpoint slideshow containing photos of the presentation cases likewise as all of the textbook and images that were displayed during the promenade. Get comeback a hardheaded go of the promenade! If you would corresponding a dvd feign of the powerpoint delectation salient bclark@du.edu to wear one sent to you! Thank you!

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