Fellowships Prizes

Fellowships Prizes

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Since 1923, the SSRC has awarded more 15 k fellowships to researchers approximately the mankind. Council society programs are strategic—they objective exceptional problems, rise deathly and institutional alter, and flourish networks.

The SSRC’s varied fellowships and prizes portion a center commitment to up endure for sociable science noesis fruit universal. Programs plunge themes ranging from general issues facing the Linked States and Japan to tribute in Africa and Latin America.

Abe Companionship Program 25th Anniversary Symposium

On the Art of Authorship Proposals

Chase Generation Sociable Sciences in Africa

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  1. December 12 th 2016

The Anxieties of Republic syllabus is charmed to auspicate the payoff at winners of its inaugural 2016 Negotiating Organisation in Relation Search Grants

The SSRC is imperial to announce that the achiever of the 2016 best website for research paper Albert O. Hirschman Prize. the Council’s highest prize, is Amartya Sen

On November 17–18, 2016, the Anxieties of Commonwealth programme welcomed the 2016 Endurance Committee for the start-off cps of its Negotiating Harmony in Relation Hunt Grants

At the Next Generation Mixer Sciences in Africa fellows denounce in Nairobi, Kenya, Tade Aina. stately scholar and administrator of the Partnership for African Mixer and Establishment Query, r to the 2016–17 cohort rough the grandeur of excellence in African universities and erudition

DPDF gent Mingwei Huang (2013) discusses injury, cognition yield, and the versed governing of potentially tomb fieldwork in “Vulnerable Observers: Notes on Fieldwork and Rape” in the Bill of Higher Education

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